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"Connections enables you to connect to your teams, clients, and supply chain more efficiently and productively."

Verse – boost productivity with clutter-free email

Social networks have revolutionized the way we keep in touch. However, most email inboxes still think your most important email is your latest one, and we know that’s often not true.

Verse is a smart social collaboration tool that can prioritize your tasks—not by time, not by the most frequent writer, not even by the most flagged email—but by the people and connections that matter to you most.

More than that, it combines email with chats, social activity, documents and calendar events in an integrated cloud-based experience designed to manage your workday and help make you more productive.


What more can we tell you about Verse?

1. Email that understands you - Imagine email that works for you instead of email that makes you work.

Guided by analytics, Verse learns your behaviours to adapt to the way you work, wherever you work. And because Verse is a business email solution, it understands you have special security and privacy needs too.

2. Less clutter, more clarity - Move to a bright place far beyond the mess of senders, subjects and folders.

With built-in intelligence and a user-first, user-tested design, Verse offers a faster, better way to manage business communications across devices, organize inbound and outbound information, and focus on what you need most.

3. Connecting me to we - Bridge the distance between people and information.

A seamless array of social and mobile capabilities delivered from the cloud helps Verse open up intuitive new ways to share valuable information with colleagues, co-workers and customers. It's never been easier to be mobile, be secure and be connected.


HCL's Verse solution offers:

Web-based mail, calendar and contact information in the cloud, including tracking of actions that need attention, analytics based identification of important people and content, in depth search, in line preview of attachments and Connections Files, team analytics services, support for mail threads, and entitlement to HCL Notes client (includes software download).

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