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Managing communities

The heartbeat of your social collaboration platform are the communities that reside within it. Communities are groups of people who have shared interests and who need to work together on an ongoing basis or a fixed period of time.

For example, you may have a marketing community which would include not just members of the marketing department but people from your advertising agency, your printer or multiple internal departments.

Many organisations struggle, particularly early on, to extract the desired value from social collaboration software. Whilst the desire may be to encourage and embrace a free and open communications culture, communities still need to be managed. There must be a defined purpose for the community and somebody ultimately needs to support and encourage that. It could be about managing expanding volumes of content or the opposite, encouraging greater participation.

One of the problems is finding internal champions who lead by example and have the personality to encourage others to join them. These people can emerge informally or you can be proactive and appoint "Community Managers" to ensure goals are met. This will often just be a role an existing staff member plays in the community; it doesn't have to be a new job title.

Globocol offers a Community Management Service to help you accelerate the adoption of social business tools and extract the value of greater collaboration in your organisation. There are two options:

The faster you build your community networks the sooner you will start to see the value in becoming a social business.

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