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Create a safe environment for children in sport

Children involved in sport should always be protected from harm. However, issues occasionally arise, for a number of reasons: lack of knowledge, poor communication, not sharing information, stress, fatigue, poor training, failure to take proper care (negligence), being distracted. Sadly, there are also individuals who seek to exploit the vulnerability of others.


Globocol has designed a bespoke reporting system for those who have a duty of care towards children or vulnerable adults in sport.

Find out how Safeguarding Sport Systems can protect the children under your care. Contact Globocol

What happens when things go wrong?

When a safeguarding issue arises you need a rigorous process to respond. Safeguarding Sport Systems helps you achieve this by encouraging reporting of:

Any of these could occur in your sport or location. It’s important that you recognise what you are dealing with and how to respond. That may mean corrective action to minimise the effects of the issue or preventative action to stop similar issues arising in the future. A system of record is an essential tool for any sporting organisation.

Why should “near misses” be reported?

A system of record is essential to promote good practice.

Globocol’s Safeguarding Sport Systems provides you with a place to record the facts of an incident, near miss or risk. Creating a record gives visibility to the issue and kicks off a process of investigation and review. The investigation and review stages in turn generate a record of preventative and corrective actions. The goal is to ensure that you reduce the risk of anything similar happening again.

Safeguarding Sport Systems

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