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Safeguarding children 

Globocol has been involved in a number of projects to aid practitioners in children’s services. Over recent years, we have developed software solutions for safeguarding children.


Some of the statistics in protecting vulnerable children are alarming:

Rising numbers in the child protection system

Children who need help or protection come in to contact with multiple support agencies. If these different agencies do not share knowledge effectively, then children can be exposed to unnecessary risks.

With the numbers of children in the child protection system rising, issues in coordination between agencies will exacerbate problems. Globocol’s solutions make it easier to work with colleagues and partners through secure online communities.

Identify children at risk

For child care professionals, or unpaid volunteers, technology offers the ability to meet safeguarding objectives securely, cost effectively and without delay. Globocol's child safeguarding solutions have been developed to help users identify and reduce risk and to produce measurable results.

This child safeguarding software has been created for nontechnical users and is supported by both operational and safeguarding training. It has been designed for use by schools, clubs, societies, charities, local government, private companies and health care professionals.

Safeguarding solutions

If you wish to know more about any of these safeguarding solutions, get in touch with Globocol.

Alternatively, visit our sister website at ChildSafeguardingSolutions.Org

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