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Non Profit Organisations

Most of us at one time or another have been involved either directly or indirectly with non profit organisations. We have given our time or our money. Or we have been directly involved in fund raising, solving logical problems or sourcing expertise.

The key element is building communities who can contribute in some way and for professionals to be able to access knowledge and expertise quickly and easily. As givers you want to be confident that your contributions or efforts are not wasted. As practitioners you want to ensure funds are spent wisely and go to where they are most needed.

Social collaboration technology is a very effective enabler for non profit organisations. It deals with key problems faced by many organisations:

All you need to capture the benefits of becoming a social business is access to the internet. I encourage you to watch the Colleagues In Care video which shows how collaboration technology is being used to help manage the humanitarian consequences of the Haiti earthquake disaster.

Case Study: Colleagues In Care  and IBM SmartCloud

Colleagues in Care uses IBM SmartCloud Engage services to allow healthcare professionals to collaborate worldwide. In addition to serving as the organization's central source for communication, SmartCloud Engage enables medical professionals to gather virtually to exchange knowledge and to develop Best Possible protocols for the people of Haiti.

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