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"Connections enables you to connect to your teams, clients, and supply chain more efficiently and productively."

Human Resources

Organisations must identify, hire and retain the best available talent if they want to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Businesses must also increase the effectiveness of their onboarding activities so new hires settle in and are productive quickly.

Social collaboration software helps organisations deal with some common challenges:

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"Think about it: much of what it really takes to get up the learning curve doesn't come from some dusty old policy and procedure manual. It comes from what you learn from the people around you." - Charlie Judy, HR Fishbowl Blog, Oct 2012.

Global cement supplier Cemex implemented an IBM social business solution and saw real employee benefits:

The entire company became more nimble as a result. New best practice and process implementation took 1/3rd the time it used to.

Case Study: Cemex and IBM Social Business Platform

Cemex becomes a social business with a customized social platform. IBM social business technology enabled employee engagement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

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