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Sharing Best Practices. How do you do it?

You have been asked to launch a new product in Asia. Or you need to devise a Workplace Safety Policy to account for the introduction of a new manufacturing facility. These may be new tasks for you but they will have been done before by others, possibly within your own organisation. How do you find and tap in to that knowledge?

Alternatively, you may have completed a project which has shown you new more efficient ways of working. This is something that should be shared throughout the organisation. How do you share that best practice?

It's the same when you hire new people. You need to introduce them to how you do things, share your knowledge. This can and should be a routine exercise but often it's just left to chance

Sharing Best Practice Breeds New Ideas

Collaboration software such as IBM Connections is a very effective way to share best practice and institutionalise learning. It enables you to create a culture which encourages the generation of new ideas and better ways of working. Creating communities with open access also means that new recruits can tap in to shared knowledge from day one. See Globocol's Starters, Leavers, Movers solution.

This is particularly valuable if your organisation has multiple offices, nationally or internationally. Ideas launched successfully in one location can be shared in a timely manner with other locations. In the past, such collaboration had to be facilitated by physically getting together which is a costly and time consuming exercise

Highly structured organisations find it difficult to share best practice across different departments. At an operational level, many innovative working practices emerge at a level where there is little inter-departmental interaction.

Creating and moderating communities across the organisation helps capture and disperse best practice well beyond its original purpose. To find out more Ask Globocol.

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