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Making decisions. How do you make the right ones?

Making decisions is a fundamental aspect of organisational life. They may be big strategic decisions, such as a corporate acquisition or a new product launch or smaller operational decisions, such as selecting an office equipment supplier or even a new vending machine. Whatever the scale or nature of the decision, there are some common factors to consider, for example, who to consult and what criteria you use to make a judgement?

The perceived success of a decision validates the process, even if that process may be flawed. We can sometimes just get lucky!

What gets in the way of good decision making?

Better collaboration means better decisions

The process of making good decisions and establishing who should play a part in that can be aided considerably with collaborative technology. Facilitating better communications can affect not just the decision making process but also the effectiveness of post decision implementation. The more team members feel a part of the process the more committed they will be to securing the desired outcome.

The principle here is to ensure that all factors are considered and that all parties that need to be consulted share their views. Will such a comprehensive approach not create paralysis by analysis? Quite the opposite, it's about getting to the end even faster despite having taken a more rigorous route.

Decision making may benefit from being an open process. Alternatively, you may require confidentiality and a closed group. How you tackle this is entirely down to you. The goal is simply to ensure that you make the best decisions in an expedient manner and that there are no unforeseen consequences of those decisions.

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