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Social Business Ambitions

Posted by EddiePrentice on October 29, 2014


Whilst there are a growing number of organisations who recognise the potential of social technologies many don’t know where to start. According to the IBM Center For Applied Insights, only 20 percent believe their organisation is currently acting truly social. In their report, entitled Charting the social universe - Social ambitions drive business impact, they show that enterprises are evolving by deploying five distinct clusters of social capabilities: collaboration, education, engagement, expertise and processes.

I’ve read this report and it’s worth reading. What drew me to the report was a podcast on Social Business Engine where Bernie Borges interviewed Cynthya Peranandam, a Senior Marketing Manager for IBM Social Business. The podcast focuses on the Five Social Ambitions That Drive Business Impact as documented in the report. There is a link to the interview below but here’s a quick summary.

  • The five distinct social ambitions as entry points into a business are
  • Driving internal collaboration with employees and external collaboration with customers
  • Building, educating and protecting the workforce to optimize talent
  • Understanding and engaging customers
  • Mining community expertise to tap into knowledge bases
  • Improving business processes across the enterprise


Social is touching all departments in the enterprise. This is not just about marketing. It embraces Finance, Production, HR, anywhere where business processes can be improved. Deploying the tools is one thing but adoption is another matter altogether. The CEO must be the ultimate decision maker as becoming a social business is a strategic direction not a software purchase.

As such, “you don’t become a social business overnight”. It’s a process that involves all levels of the organisation with C-level endorsement helping to kick start adoption through employee advocates.

I would recommend you read the report and other content assets by clicking through on the links below.

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