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Social Business in Action: Leeds Business Week

Posted by EddiePrentice on September 30, 2014


This is more of an information piece than a blog post. I’ve got involved in a wonderful event which is new to me and I wanted to share it with you. It’s Leeds Business Week which is running from 13-17 October 2014.

For one week the organisers, The Yorkshire Mafia, are bringing all of Leeds city’s stakeholders together: city leadership, big business, SME’s, public sector, arts and culture, charities and social enterprises, networking and business membership groups, creative and digital sectors and Leeds City Council.

The objective of Leeds Business Week is to “share great content, staging some terrific events, networking and building better business relationships.” This is essentially what being a Social Business is all about, and as Globocol has its roots in Yorkshire, how could we not be a part of it.

What can you expect from Leeds Business Week? More than 100 business-focused events across Leeds – seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, drinks evenings, master-classes, dinners, business breakfasts, product launches and much more.

Globocol will be delivering two free seminars at Leeds Business Week. Social businesses connect individuals, so they can rapidly share information, knowledge and ideas by having conversations and publishing informal content. They analyse social content from multiple channels and sources to gain insights from both external and internal stakeholders.

When those things happen, innovation and business execution rates increase, better decisions are made, and customers and employees are more engaged and satisfied. Social businesses enjoy lower operating costs, faster speed-to-market, improved customer and employee engagement, and increased profitability. Many organizations don’t fully appreciate the magnitude of the value creation potential of social business

This is a great opportunity for you to see what it means to become a social business. Take a look at these two seminars. It would be great if you could join us.

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