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Mapping the Cloud Maturity Curve

Posted by EddiePrentice on July 14, 2015


Over 60% Technology Services Via Cloud Within 3 Years

I have just read an email newsletter from Matt Hamilton at IBM which references a very interesting report on cloud adoption. So I thought I would share some of the key findings with you here.

The cloud has quickly evolved beyond the curiosity stage to become a mainstay of IT infrastructure. A new IBM report produced in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit and based on a survey of 784 IT executives finds that these leaders expect, on average, to deliver 60% or more of their technology services via the cloud within three years.

The study is one of the first to document the correlation between cloud adoption and business performance. It also lays out a framework for thinking about the cloud strategically. Many organizations still don't have a well-aligned strategy in place and instead take a more fragmented approach to cloud, limiting their potential returns. High-maturity cloud usage and aligned business strategies produce better business growth. 

Here are some of the key takeaways from the research:

  • High-maturity companies report better profit and revenue than their peers.
  • Mature organizations use cloud as a platform for growth, not just cost reduction.
  • Fewer than one-quarter of companies have an organization-wide cloud strategy. At mature organizations, the IT department approves and implements all cloud deployments.
  • Cloud is helping to heal the IT-business rift.
  • Cultural resistance it is on the wane. Mature companies see cloud as a way to empower their employees to make use of technology.
  • Highly mature organizations have a more diverse infrastructure.

This research should be an excellent reference for you if you are considering adopting cloud services (and these days that's just about everybody!). IBM has set up a landing page where you can evaluate your own cloud maturity via an interactive tool as well as to download the study.

Maturity pays. Companies with high cloud maturity report better profit and revenue than their peers. Learn how in this executive survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit. Visit the download page and type Globocol in the IBM business partner box. Download the survey 

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