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Social Business Governance

A Social Business uses social collaboration software to optimise activities and decision making. That means that there are organisational imperatives which drive the decision to implement a software platform to enhance performance. So although there are benefits for individual users it is the desire for a broader business benefit which is the primary goal.

That means you need a governance strategy to ensure that collaboration has a sense of purpose. Without a clear understanding of your objectives it's difficult to implement controls which will help you to meet your targets while at the same time managing risk. This is much more than a social media usage policy. It's about ensuring that collaborative efforts are in line with your business goals.

Globocol can help you to devise your collaboration strategy and to create a framework for how your collaborative efforts will be governed. There are a number of elements in this process:

Globocol can help you to develop a governance strategy to optimise the value of your collaboration software solution.

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